Edguy – 1999 – Theater Of Salvation

  1. The Healing Vision Edguy
  2. Babylon Edguy
  3. The Headless Game Edguy
  4. Land Of The Miracle Edguy
  5. Wake Up The King Edguy
  6. Falling Down Edguy
  7. Arrows Fly Edguy
  8. Holy Shadows Edguy
  9. Another Time Edguy
  10. The Unbeliever Edguy
  11. Theater Of Salvation Edguy
  12. For A Trace Of Life (Bonus Track) Edguy
  13. Walk On Fighting (Live In Milan) (Bonus Track) Edguy
  14. Fairytale (Live In Milan) (Bonus Track) Edguy


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