Falconer – 2008 – Among Beggars And Thieves

  1. 01-Field Of Sorrow Falconer
  2. 02-Man Of The Hour Falconer
  3. 03-A Beggar Hero Falconer
  4. 04-Vargaskall Falconer
  5. 05-Carnival Of Disgust Falconer
  6. 06-Mountain Men Falconer
  7. 07-Viddernas Man Falconer
  8. 08-Pale Light Of Silver Moon Falconer
  9. 09-Boiling Led Falconer
  10. 10-Dark Ages (Bonus) Falconer
  11. 11-Skula Skorpa, Skalk Falconer
  12. 12-Dreams And Pyres Falconer
  13. 13-Vi Salde Vara Hemman (Bonus) Falconer


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