Megadeth – 1994 – Youthanasia

  1. Reckoning Day Megadeth
  2. Train Of Consequences Megadeth
  3. Addicted to Chaos Megadeth
  4. A Tout Le Monde Megadeth
  5. Elysian Fields Megadeth
  6. The Killing Road Megadeth
  7. Blood of Heroes Megadeth
  8. Family Tree Megadeth
  9. Youthanasia Megadeth
  10. I Thought I Knew it All Megadeth
  11. Black Curtains Megadeth
  12. Victory Megadeth
  13. New World Order Megadeth
  14. Absolution Megadeth
  15. A Tout Le Monde (Bonus Demo) Megadeth


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