Megadeth – 1997 – Cryptic Writings

  1. Trust Megadeth
  2. Almost Honest Megadeth
  3. Use The Man Megadeth
  4. Mastermind Megadeth
  5. The Disintegrators Megadeth
  6. I'll Get Even Megadeth
  7. Sin Megadeth
  8. A Secret Place Megadeth
  9. Have Cool, Will Travel Megadeth
  10. She Wolf Megadeth
  11. Vortex Megadeth
  12. Trust (Bonus Spanish Version) Megadeth
  13. Evil That's Within (Bonus) Megadeth
  14. Vortex (Bonus Alternate Version) Megadeth
  15. Bullprick (Bonus) Megadeth


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